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Adoreum Club Breakfast – Niall Mellon

On 5th September we held our Adoreum club breakfast in the very grand Berkeley hotel. It was an honour to have Niall Mellon as our guest speaker. An Irish entrepreneur, property developer and the founder of Mellon Educate.Niall gave us a very moving and honest talk of his journey of working his way to making millions to losing money in the economic crash in Ireland and realising his true happiness in the volunteer-based charity which has embarked on a 10-year initiative to provide educational improvements for 100,000 impoverished African children. Niall had the room captivated and at times close to tears when talking of his conversations with Nelson Mandela.

Niall Mellon was awarded Irish International Philanthropist of the Year in 2007, and received the Cape Town Mayor’s Medal in 2009 for exceptional achievement in the areas of Social Affairs and Services. Due to his humanitarian work he was invited to become
a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin Ireland.

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