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Adoreum Club Breakfast with Tim Levy

We were honored to have Tim Levy speak at the last Adoreum club breakfast and explain that despite not being able to biologically live forever, we have the capability of capturing who we are, how we live and what legacy we would like to leave behind.

It was fascinating to hear about Tim’s outlook on memorialising our lives and how A Singular Life can provide us with the tools to ‘live forever’.

Tim is CEO of A Singular Life and the Founding and Managing Partner of Cocoon Wealth LLP, a venture capital business formed in 2011 that is currently invested in 25 companies across entertainment, leisure, sport, technology and real estate. Tim is a proven entrepreneur and has been a key participant, both as an investor and board member, in more than 20 start-ups since 1997.

Tim was CEO and founder of Future Capital Partners, a firm that designed and marketed structured investment products in media, real estate and renewable energy. He has originated, raised and executed over £7 billion of structured finance transactions whilst leading the Future Group of companies in its active period between 1997 and 2014. FCP completed more than 600 structured project finance transactions and formed strong relationships with well-respected counterparties including The Walt Disney Company and GE Universal. Funds were raised from more than 6,000 private investors, 1,000 SMEs and gross fees generated exceeded £250 million with a return on investment that exceeded 40x.

A special thank you to Home House for hosting us this morning and our sponsor Nutmeg.

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