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Audoo Royalty Revolution

On Thursday 30th January, Katie Barker, Business Development Director at Adoreum attended the Audoo business update ahead of the exciting launch of the Audoo Seedrs Campaign.

The event took place at the iconic Abbey Road studios and was held in studio 3 where John Lennon recorded many albums.

Audooo are powering a transparent music industry and are on a mission to revolutionise performance royalties. In 2016 Ryan Edwards CEO & Founder of Audoo, was shopping in a popular department store when he heard his own top 10 hit being played. He teased his wife that he might be paid a couple of pence for the broadcast, but after checking his royalty account, he was surprised to see that actually, he hadn’t been paid for it at all. After carrying out some research, Ryan found that historically, Performance Rights Organisations (PROs) have paid royalties from estimations based on popular radio play and manual data-entry. As a result, artists and composers, just like Ryan, miss out. Ryan has gone on to create a solution which tracks actual played music and relays that information in real-time to help PROs digitise and streamline their processes, resulting in more accurate and transparent royalty distribution.Check out this link to find out how to get involved in Audoo – LINK

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