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Business Unusual: Health and Wellness- Who Do We Trust With Our Health?

On Thursday 18th June, we held a Business Unusual webinar on Health and Wellness: Who Do We Trust With Our Health?

Adoreum Partner Andrew Thomas hosted the discussion and was joined by panellists Rajan Jethwa, CEO of Ellipses Pharma, Sneh Khemka, Vice President of Population Health and vHealth at Aetna International and Patrick Holford, celebrated wellness author, nutritionist and entrepreneur.

As a result global pandemic, taking control of our health has become a top priority. The growth in the MedTech sector has given us access to instant information, global experts and peer influence at our disposal. As a result of this global development, the panellists discussed the effects of Covid-19 on the Virtual Health, Pharmaceutical and Vitamin industries, who we can trust with our most valuable asset and the disruption of this growth of medical technology on traditional health and wellness resources.

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