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Cutting Through The Haze Webinar with Rhona Morrell

During the first week of July, we were delighted to partner Club Member and Founder of Coco Airlie Consulting, Rhona Morrell, on her ‘Cutting Through the Haze’ webinar.

Rhona ran this session for start-ups and established business to identify common issues and challenges we face in people, processes and the professional environment, cutting through the politics and non- essentials to help keep things moving forward post lockdown.

Rhona works across global clients in FMCG, Apparel, NFP, retail goods and brands and has a background in commercial, marketing, innovation and supply chain with big brands like Red Bull, Red Bull Racing, Heineken, Epic Group, NEC Group and PolyGroup Trading (UK, Asia & Australia). Rhona has a plethora of skills and is experienced in Stage & Gate & Innovation Process, the due diligence process for potential investors, has launched successful brands/brand extensions into the UK and is currently working on launching a new FMCG brand into the UK with an Australian client.


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