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Episode Five of Adoreum Conversations with Dean Stott

On Monday 11th May, we published the fifth episode of Adoreum Conversations with guest speaker Dean Stott, hosted by Marcus Watson.

Dean Stott is a World Record Breaker and Former Special Forces soldier. As a former British Special Forces soldier, Dean became one of the very first army members to join the SBS (Special Boat Service). Throughout his esteemed military career, he has conducted deployments to overseas hostile environments and been involved in Counter Terrorism operations. After 16 honourable years of service Dean continues to live by the Special Forces’ ethos ‘the unrelenting pursuit of excellence’. He then established a distinguished career in the private security sector; he was renowned for his willing to take on any job, no matter how dangerous. In 2016 Dean was ready for a new project- He became the first man to cycle the length of the Pan- American Highway in under 100 days crossing some of the most dangerous cities in the world and facing extreme variation in terrain and weather conditions. In the process Dean raised an incredible amount of money for 11 of the UK’s leading mental health charities.

In this conversation, Dean shares what he learned from his training in the army, stories from when he broke a world record and hopefully will inspire our audience to also explore their full potential, no matter what set backs they may have faced.

To watch the video version, please click here, and for the audio version, here.

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