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Episode Six of Adoreum Conversations with Marco Vincenzino

On Friday 15th May we released the sixth episode of Adoreum Conversations with Marco Vicenzino, hosted by Dominic Mcvey.

Marco Vicenzino is a global commentator bridging the gap between international business and global politics. He is a global affairs expert, a strategic advisor to Senior Executives, an entrepreneur and international lawyer. Vicenzino’s views have appeared in leading international media outlets such as CNBC, BBC, CNN, Financial Times, New York Times, Reuters, Guardian and the Huffington Post. Vicenzino has also serviced leading public and private sector entities operating worldwide, including Shell, HSBC and Barclays Capital.

In this episode, they discuss how Marco saw the pandemic coming before it materialised, the industries that are struggling because of COVID-19, the industries to keep an eye on and how we can’t solely rely on the leaders at the top for change, it must also come from the bottom.

To watch the video version, please click here, and for the audio version, here.

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