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Episode Two of Adoreum Conversations with Sara Milne Rowe

On Monday 13th April, we published the second episode of Adoreum Conversations with guest speaker Sara Milne Rowe, hosted by Marcus Watson.

Sara is one of the UK’s leading performance coaches, is the founder of Coaching Impact and is the author of the SHED Method. Throughout this episode, Sara and Marcus discuss the difficulty of leading under extreme pressure which is particularly relevant amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. Sarah provides much needed advice for business leaders such as ‘five tools’ CEO’s can use to achieve confidence, calmness and success during what is a stressful time for many. She also emphasises the importance of pausing and taking stock whilst working from home in order to make rational decisions.

To listen to all of Sara’s brilliant insights, you can watch the YouTube video here or listen to the episode on Spotify here.

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