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Final Thought Leadership of 2017: Laura Jordan Bambach

On Wednesday 6th December, we held the last Thought Leadership breakfast of the year. We were honored to have Laura Jordan Bambach join us to share her inspiring story and explaining the importance of personal and professional purpose.

Laura has an infectious and authentic passion and it was fascinating to hear about her work as CCO of Mr President and as co-founder of SheSays amongst everything else.

For over 20 years, Laura has brought her fresh and experimental approach to communication. Combining tech insights with passionate storytelling, she has won numerous awards for her work and been recognised globally as an innovator and industry leader. As CCO at Mr. President, the independent creative agency has been awarded IAB Creative Agency of the Year and AdAge International Small Agency of the Year.

Laura is an international keynote speaker and serves on many prestigious juries as a previous president of D&AD and as a current member of the Facebook Creative Council. She has appeared in Debrett’s 500 in 2015 and 2016. Laura is a strong advocate for diversity in the creative eld. She is cofounder of SheSays, a global volunteer network that works to get more women into the creative industries; co-creator of the VOWSS, a showcase celebrating the world’s best work created by women; and cofounder of The Great British Diversity Project, proving the power of diversity for creative effectiveness. In 2017, she was named one of the BBC’s top 100 innovators. Laura is also a trained taxidermist.

A special thank you to Home House for hosting us so effortlessly.

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