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Funding Focus Conference at The London Stock Exchange

On Monday 25th November we were lucky enough to attend the first Funding Focus conference at the London Stock Exchange addressing the issues surrounding female funding. 

Thank you to its founder David B Horne for an incredible day showcasing some of the best female business leaders in the world right now. The speakers included Dr Tina Allton, May Al Karouni, Nan Williams, Sarah Vick, Laura Harnet, Marielena Ioannidou, Marion Bernard and Claire Dorrian. Topics covered included the processes of raising funds, the importance and growth of impact investing, angel investing, venture capital, IPOs and the shocking figures that in 2017, for every pound of venture capital invested in the UK, 1p went to all female founding teams, 89p went to all male teams and 10p went to mixed gender teams. This is astonishing seeing as both men and women have the same capabilities in business as 73% of men AND 73% of women sustain their businesses. We are all equal. It taught us that the #fightforfairerfundinghas begun- women have to be confident, take risks, be bold and invest.


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