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Meditation with Andrew Wallas

On Thursday 11th June, Club Members experienced a guided meditation from Business Transformation Consultant and Founder of the School of Business Alchemy, Andrew Wallas.

Andrew’s aim is to impart the message that if we leave the outside world alone for a while and concentrate on our inner world, our outer world will reflect any internal shift we make. Andrew started his working life in Financial Services in the city where he became extremely successful by his late twenties. He was fast realising that the rapid growth in outer financial success was correlated with a sense of inner meaninglessness and loneliness. He had a breakdown/ breakthrough – gave up heavy drinking and left the City, to the incomprehension of his colleagues, at the peak of his financial career. In 1993 he returned to the City and established a company with the aim of creating a business based upon different spiritual values, including integrity, transparency and the inherent value of everyone in the organisation. Whilst the business grew rapidly, with exponential growth came a return to dominant cultural values. He left the company in 2005 to wholly concentrate on his spiritual development and to support others in their transformational journeys.

We very much enjoyed a much needed re-centering during what is a stressful time for many.

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