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Michelin Star dinner with a twist

Our last evening at Aveqia was so successful we decided to do it again with our Adoreum Club members.

Our Adoreum club members enjoyed specially selected wines and 4 course meal each cooked by attendees under the guidance of michelin star chefs.

The cooking part of the evening encouraged mingling throughout the group and the dinner was conducted in the private dining room. A luxurious restaurant and a social event rolled into one.

Main course was white asparagus with a classic hollandaise sauce and a hint of Asian influence. Beautiful white asparagus  cooked to perfection; we then made an Asian dressing called ponzu using soy sauce and yuzu. The dish was  served with deliciously crispy white onion tempura. For the final flourish we garnished with trout roe, nori seaweed and turnip with Espelette pepper.

The second course was  aYoung, portion-sized chicken, also called spring chicken or poussin,  currently in season. We stuffed them with foie gras terrine, morels and wild garlic, cooked them gently in the oven and finished them off on the barbecue to make the skin crispy and flavourful. With the chicken we servedgrilled green asparagus and gem lettuce seasoned with lemon and browned butter. We made  our own wild garlic gnocchi and finished the dish off with a crispy muesli of thinly sliced butter-fried sourdough bread mixed with deep fried capers, quinoa and pumpkin seeds.

Rhubarb was the perfect finish to theScandinavian spring menu. Poached with vanilla, cardamom and meadowsweet, and kept the juice to make delicate little rhubarb pearls. The rhubarb was served with a sponge cake that was  toasted lightly in butter and sugar before serving. We also made a fresh, green sorbet of sorrel, a smooth cream with the thrilling touch of tonka bean and an oat and cardamom crisp.


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