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Thought Leadership Breakfast with Brendan Hall at Home House

On the 5th of July we held our monthly Adoreum Thought Leadership Breakfast at Home House with guest speaker Brendan Hall.

Brendan had our audience of 30 female business leaders engrossed in his account of the highly demanding leadership required from him whilst commanding an inexperienced crew on the infamous Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. He told the gripping tail of his treacherous adventure and outlined the key leadership tools he used to come out on top whilst dealing with a challenging incident during the great North Pacific Ocean leg of the race.

At the age of 27, Brendan had achieved his lifelong dream of winning the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race (a 35,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe) with boat crews made up of inexperienced, amateur but determined individuals. Brendan himself was amongst one of the youngest skippers involved in the race and as a result of his lack of experience as a seaman, Brendan used his strengths in leadership and team management to guide and motivate his crew.

The venture was not smooth sailing to say the least…

In the middle of the North Pacific, Brendan’s Yacht named “Spirit of Australia”, was caught in the eye of the deadly winter hurricane. The storm injured a competing crewmember, the only skipper on the boat. Brendan took his initiative as a true leader when he adopted the role as a skipper for both vessels, Spirit of Australia and moved aboard to lead the competing ship. Luckily due to the prior leadership of his own team, they were able to autonomously sail the vessel without Brendan onboard.

Through grit, determination, and advanced management skill, Brendan Hall led his two ships through the North Pacific winter hurricane to victory. His success was due to his engaged, empowered on-board culture and strong value system, not because of his strategic sailing methods or technical ability.

Brendan is currently a world-renowned influencer and is the author of Team Spirit. Brendan uses his experience and learnings from this enormous feat to help business leaders develop trusted relationships with their teams and instil motivation in the most difficult of situations.


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