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Thought Leadership Breakfast with Katie Brindle

On Friday 5th April, we held our April edition of the Thought Leadership Series at Mortimer House with guest speaker Katie Brindle.

Katie is a UK born Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of the critically acclaimed Hayo’u method. She has developed a range of rituals, products and tools and specialises in a remarkable combination of detailed diagnosis and self-treatment drawing upon ancient Chinese medicine.

Katie shared with us her journey to discovering Chinese medicine and her best kept secrets in preventative medicine. After a fascinating talk all of our guests were invited to stand for a short practical workshop to learn three easy practices that we can do on a daily basis that encourage energy flow around the body with the benefit of boosting our immune system, oxygen intake and energy levels. To find out more about Katie’s method please click here: HAYO’U.

A big thank you to the team at Mortimer House for for providing a delicious breakfast and the beautiful space in which the breakfast has hosted.

In the words of Katie herself “looking after your health starts with you”.




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