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Thought Leadership Breakfast with Nathan Clemes Founder of Unrooted

On Wednesday 15th January we held our first Adoreum Empowers breakfast of 2020 at the beautiful Sloane Club.

At the start of a New Year, often as consumers we make a conscious effort to become more healthy and improve our overall wellbeing. With this in mind, our first 2020 breakfast was very fitting, as we were joined by the Founder of Unrooted, Nathan Clemes, who produces a 100% fresh energy drink made from the African Baobab Fruit. This energy drink has no added caffeine, no added sugar, high in fibre and gives long-lasting sustainable energy.

Nathan Clemes was joined by Antonia Jamison a non- executive director to Unrooted who opened up the breakfast with a wonderful story of how they met and then went on to work together to launch Unrooted in the UK market. Nathan explained how he kept up with the long hours he was working through guzzling countless coffees and other caffeine and sugar-laden drinks. As the healthy drinks revolution picked up pace he noticed that even many of the newer & “healthier” brands compromised on the very values they were meant to be championing. The energy drinks still had too much caffeine and too much sugar, regardless of how they were “dressed up” and he wanted to find an alternative type of energy that was truly healthy e.g. Baobab powder. It was fascinating to hear about this ‘super-food’ and how it’s the perfect ingredient to regulate your blood sugars and sustain energy levels for hours rather than minutes.

All of our guests were able to try the Unrooted energy drinks which are delicious and refreshing and the idea of no longer having to get a caffeine fix from coffee and other negatively caffeinated sources is ground breaking.

We would like to say thank you to the Sloane Club for hosting the breakfast and for providing a delicious breakfast spread.

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