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Thought Leadership Breakfast with Rosie Stancer

On the 22nd of March we held a Thought Leadership Breakfast with our adventurous and inspiring speaker Rosie Stancer at Battersea Power Station.

Since 1996, Rosie has embarked on a series of major polar expeditions. In 2003 she skied solo and without resupply to the South Pole. Hauling a sledge more than twice her body weight for over 1000 km, she smashed previous speed records by 7 days, completing the extreme endurance challenge in 43 days 23 hours. In 2007, journeying alone over the surface of the frozen Arctic Ocean for 84 days, Rosie travelled further than any previous attempts by woman to reach the North Pole solo. She battled conditions now labelled as the worst on record. Rosie is currently in the midst of preparing for her next challenge; in September, Rosie will be crossing through the interior of the Taklamakan Desert and travelling the full length of nearly 1,000 km over its giant, shifting sand dunes – and out the other side. With temperatures reaching between -20c at night and above 38c by day, the expedition will provide challenging extremes to be tackled along the way. We are so lucky that we had the privilege of hearing Rosie recall her unbelievable expeditions thus far and we wish her luck for her next adventure, of which we can’t wait to track and hear about upon her completion.

A big thank you to our incredible host and Adoreum Club Member, Battersea Power Station, for providing yet another amazing setting to host our event.

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