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Upskill Session with Ron Timehin on ‘Getting to Grips with Instagram’

On 27th May, Club Members enjoyed an Upskill Session with Ron Timehin on ‘Getting to Grips with Instagram.’

All we have right now is our digital communities and brands are needing to focus on virtual interaction to drive business. Therefore, this was a workshop to help members ensure that Instagram is their brand’s best friend.

Ron is a professional photographer specialising in City Scape and Portrait photography and is a Social Media Consultant. He has established a varied client list that consists of commissioned work for brands including Apple, Adidas, Adobe, American Express, Canada Goose, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Prada, Sony, HYPEBEAST, Highsnobiety, Fred Perry, Red Bull, Vodafone and The 02 Arena. Ron regularly hosts photography and social media related workshops for clients such as, Apple, Adobe, Sony, Canada Goose and The Photography Show. His experience as an influencer, as well as his time spent working with commercial brands and agencies, has given Ron a comprehensive understanding of what makes an effective ROI. Ron was a speaker at our Modern Affluence Summit in 2019 and we received such brilliant feedback that we wanted him to share his wisdom again!

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