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Women Empowers breakfast with guest speakers Dr Caroline Golden and Felicity Hunter from DNAnudge 

On Wednesday 5th February, we held our Women Empowers breakfast at Home Grown with guest speakers Dr Caroline Golden and Felicity Hunter from DNAnudge.

Caroline and Felicity for explained the fascinating new technology that is DNAnudge – DNAnudge is all about making everyday ‘better’ choices using your DNA. Each one of us is genetically unique and our DNA determines what foods are good or bad for us. As Caroline expressed, one size does not fit all, and generalised dietary recommendations may not be right for you. Therefore the data captured in the Nudgebox, links to the DNAnudge App that holds your unique DNA report showing your genetic predispositions and risk levels – red, amber or green – to a number of nutrition-related health traits. The app allows you to scan every food item you purchase in store, to indicate the risk level and help you make better decisions on buying a product that for example might have less salt than the other.
We were delighted to be introduced to the lovely team at DNAnudge by Peak Health, a wellness retreat company that aims to meet the ever-growing need for sustainable wellness solutions by integrating all aspects of health and wellness through their retreats located at The Capra Hotel in Saas Fee, Switzerland. The programme, created in collaboration with medical and wellness experts around the globe, aims to provide personal strategies to maintain optimal health and operate at peak performance long after their guests have left their doors by focusing on knowledge transfer in their key pillars of wellness: habits, nutrition, fitness, mental resilience and sleep. Upon completion of a Peak Health retreat, guests not only feel healthier and more energised, but also sleep more efficiently and experience improved mental stamina and productivity.
We would like to thank Form Nutrition for sponsoring their Performance Protein travel sachets and Home Grown for hosting us in their beautiful space and for providing a delicious breakfast selection.

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