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Zegna Instore event

On 13th April, Adoreum’s Kunal Patel co-hosted with Ermenegildo Zegna to celebrate its Su Misura service. Italian for ‘Made to Measure’, Su Misura is Zegna’s latest bespoke service, offering a wide range of menswear in a unique and elegant tailored style. The evening has marked the beginning of a global series of specialised events.

Proudly wearing his bespoke suit, Kunal spoke briefly about the personal and enjoyable experience he had with Zegna. Throughout the evening, guests were introduced to this exciting new service with delicious cocktails and canapes served, with a personalised gift for each guest.

From a formal tux to a holiday linen jacket, you can now indulge in Zegna’s profound artisan expertise that has characterised the brand for over a century.

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