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Zurich Thought Leadership Breakfast

On the 3 May we held our inaugural Zurich Thought Leadership breakfast at the stunning Dolder Grand Hotel.

It was a pleasure to welcome our guest speaker, the inspiring Dr Pauline Burgener who is a true thought leader and the co-founder and CEO of Dr Burgener Switzerland. Pauline shared her personal story and quest for beauty and responsible well-being through nature meeting science including insights into the world of holistic skincare, with a special focus on her bespoke treatment programmes (‘Haute Couture’) and the use of natural ingredients combined with front-line technology.

Dr Burgener Switzerland stems from a family business created in 1955 by Dr Marc Burgener, with his aesthetic surgery clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. After years of success with the core range of skincare products, Pauline, his daughter in law, would be the one to carry on the family’s skincare legacy. In 1995, Pauline jointly with her brother and sister, took over the company and created a new luxury skincare concept and treatment line, with a strong belief that beauty comes from the inside. Pauline is a true advocate for health, tness, nutrition and the virtues of nature and has developed spa treatments and protocols combined with naturally active ingredients and cutting edge Swiss technologies. Pauline also supports associations that teach women how to run businesses or learn new skills for a job, and grants micro-credits to foster the creation of local small business.

A huge thank you to our incredible host and Adoreum Club Member, The Dolder Grand Hotel, for providing yet another amazing setting to host our event.

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