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Adoreum was engaged to drive new traffic into its flagship UK store in Knightsbridge, London, by creating a dynamic environment for the target audience .


Adoreum organised an in-store event on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2012, which was co-hosted by Adoreum and Christine Gibson of Credit Suisse.

Complementary brand partners were secured by Adoreum to participate, including InParlour; Miller Harris; La Diosa; and Crumbs and Doilies. Mary Fellowes, Vogue editor and professional stylist, was also on hand to advise and interact with guests.


150 invited guests attended, the majority as first-time visitors to the store, creating a vibrant atmosphere and allowing for meaningful ‘one-on-one’ interaction between the client and its new audience.

Dresses were sold on the day and there was significant repeat spend in the following days from this new audience. All of the participating brands benefitted from the introduction of new prospects.